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Hugo Boss thrives as it successfully connects with Gen Z

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Hugo Boss is making an executive decision. Under the leadership of CEO Daniel Grieder, who joined the almost 100-year-old German company in June of 2021, the clothing brand will get a new look aimed at millennials and Gen Z, who tend to be a more digitally wired audience. The executive who spent two decades at Tommy Hilfiger, reveals the new direction for its brand which effectively more clearly delineates Hugo Boss into two brands, Boss and Hugo, complete with new logos as part of its ambitious growth plan 2025 goal.

While the split will result in two distinct labels, Boss and Hugo, it’s not the first time the brand had derivatives of the main brand Hugo Boss. Case in point, Hugo, Boss and Hugo Boss have all existed prior under the group with various labels such as Orange, Green, Red to denote the product’s use. In this new version, Boss will be firmly aimed at Millennials age 25-40 and Hugo at under 25 Gen Zs. It’s not clear where that leaves Boomers and Get X who appreciate the brand. Theoretically, Boss would be their go-to.

Boss launched the new look with the Spring/Summer 2022 #BeYourOwnBoss campaign. The portrait-based series was shot by fashion photographer Mikael Jansson and shot on sets around the globe with celebrity lineup including Future, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, and more. The creative release is the first visual representation of the brand refresh. After almost 50 years, Hugo Boss is introducing a new logo for its core brand Boss along with a rebrand across all consumer touchpoints.

The #HowDoYouHUGO campaign, also shot by Jansson, features South Sudanese top model Adut Akech, rappers Big Matthew, SAINt JHN, and American dancer Maddie Ziegler. A couple in real life, this is the very first time Akech and SAINt JHN are featured together in a campaign. Hugo also sports a new look for the first time since being first introduced in the early 1990s. Both logos feature a bolder, more graphic typeface conveying a more contemporary look and impactful visual experience.

Grieder, based in Zurich, corresponded with me via email to share what’s driving this new shift for the slick, stylish label worn by ‘bosses’ of all kinds and genders for the last century.

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